Friday, September 02, 2005

Gas & guns

By Joe Hischer staff writer

Goooood morning Baton Rooooouge!!! It's time to get some things cleaned up! Be careful with those chainsaws and axes when chopping up fallen trees and branches. You've made it this far -- be patient and don't hurt yourself now.

I'm sure you've all noticed that several gas stations are out of fuel, and I'm sure you've also noticed people filling up several canisters and drums of gas as well as their own vehicle. Do us all a favor -- don't take more gas than you need. More gas is on the way. If you need a lot of gas to run generators at your home, that's fine. Everyone will understand that. But if you're hoarding because you think the gas apocalypse is around the corner, relax -- we're not there yet. I know it's "corny" to suggest, but try to form carpools or use the bus system. Here are the routes and schedules:

Also, I've noticed some citizens have started to brandish pistols. Again, we're not there yet. Guns in the wrong hands will do more to alienate or to cause panic than to dissuade. Everyone treat our guests with sympathy and respect, guests show your hosts your appreciation.

On a related subject, let's keep the rumors and exaggerations to ourselves. Rumors lead to suspicion, suspicion leads to fear, and fear leads to federal and state offices, banks and other businesses being shut down unnecessarily. That goes for idle office gossip, guests who call in on radio talk shows, and local leaders. Don't be THAT person.

I've talked some more people into volunteering with me at the PMAC tomorrow. One person said it was the least he could do. No, that's incorrect. The LEAST you could do is to sit in front of the television all day and comment on how bad things are or how badly our leaders are acting or how terribly our fellow citizens are behaving. The MOST you can do is to donate your worldly possessions to charity and work 24 hours a day doing volunteer work. But don't get crazy, folks. And don't be lazy either. Volunteer a few hours a week. Dig through your closet and donate the clothes or towels you don't need. It's not asking too much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The criminal element is now here in Baton Rouge. Many of us here in Baton Rouge have always tried to avoid New Orleans because of the crime down there. Now that element is here in our backyard. New Orleans, as well as Baton Rouge will never be the same. It is so sad, Yes I feel horrible about the tragedy that happened, but that doesn't give anyone the right to disrupt things and commit crimes. I am now carrying my sidearm for protection, just like many many others in this town. It shouldn't have come to this, but it did. If these poeple can shoot at the people who try to save them, what will they do to the rest of us?

To the people of New Orleans: We in Baton Rouge are here to help and welcome you, but please help us by respecting our city and our people here. All it takes is a few people who choose to act like animals, to spoils things for the rest of the good people and lose the trust of everyone else. Please help us and we will help you to get through this together.

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am an insurance agent in NJ, and I have been watching the events on all the major news stations that 10’s of thousands of people are still stranded in New Orleans. On a daily basis, “SOME” buses show up to transport people out of the city, and when they do show up, you hear reports that the people being left behind are rioting and running after the buses.

I have a novel idea.

If thousands of buses show up on I10 into New Orleans, with or without “authorization”, the authorities have got to let them in. JUST LINE RIGHT UP!!! If every bus company sends 5 or 10 buses, and they START RIGHT NOW – those people will get out.

IMAGINE for a moment the News Potential of 500 or more buses, arriving one after another and waiting to pick up those people who need to get OUT!

If the people in New Orleans SEE a LINE OF BUSES coming to get them, they can have peace of mind that “THEY WILL GET OUT” , rather than fighting to get on the few buses that have arrived.
The police or National Guard will let them in. they HAVE to…

OKAY, now, reading this you say – where will they go???

WHO CARES??? Just get them out! Take a bus to every city, town, metropolis, everywhere !

A preacher on Larry King Live last night said that he was raising a call that each church in the South should take in 10 people. Every bus should go to a church, and people, regular people, will come out of the woodwork to help. Have a bus show up at the Shop Rite or KMarts that are in every city.
How about the YMCA or YWCA, so they can take a shower. JUST GET THEM OUT….

We are the greatest country in the world. America is great, because her PEOPLE are great and caring. Everyday people will help and be there for our unfortunate neighbors in New Orleans and Mississippi and Alabama. We did it for the tsunami victims last year... It has been 5 days, and those people are still there because all the Governments horses and all the government’s men can’t put them back together again.


8:48 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer Moxley said...

People in our community are donating supplies but don't know where to send them. If people are being evacuated, don't they need supplies in those communities?

If you know where two or more tractor trailers of a variety of supplies can go, please contact me

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Vyduna said...


My friends and I would like to continue our volunteer efforts to coordinate the growing number of homes and shelters being opened to people left homeless and hungry by Katrina. We need more help and exposure to grow our volunteer ranks and the shelter sites available.

Anyone with room to spare, be it for one person or for 200, can list a shelter on our site. All that is required is contact information in the form of a valid email address and a phone number. Shelters can indicate their current capacity, and as refugees come and go, update the number of spots available.

We recognize that refugees themselves do not currently have internet access, but we would like to begin by building a database of shelters for the millions of people who have been rendered homeless by this disaster. We anticipate that the main users of will be relief workers (e.g. those trying to place large numbers from sites like the SuperDome or Convention Center) or relatives who are in contact with refugees via cell phone and are trying to place them in safe and sanitary shelters.

This site is undergoing fast grassroots development, and we need more help. Our vision is great, but we are still working on how we can best service those in need. We need help with the following tasks:
Press & Public Relations
Web developers
Google maps API
SMS gateway
PHP / LAMP devs
Forums/Wiki Moderators

We have a wiki for development coordination and forums for discussing new ideas.

Please contact us at

Thank you,
Jeff Vyduna and the Development Team

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Alan Goldstein said...

Navy Personnel and Family Member Helpline for
Hurricane Katrina Relief Information

Active, Reserve and dependents: 1-877-414-5358 •
DoN Civilians and dependents: 1-877-689-2722

Navy Personnel Command has set up a 24-hour helpline for Navy members and their families to call for information regarding their loved ones. This line is staffed 24 hours by active-duty Navy volunteers and has connectivity with Navy, FEMA and other government agencies. They will try their very best to answer questions regarding the status of Navy members, but please be aware that communication in the region is still inconsistent.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since there are hardly any gas stations with gas, why doesn't the governor put a ration on gas and keep peope from filling up these huge containers and multiple smaller gas cans. Governor Blanco should issue a decree where you can only fill up a car and maybe one more five gallon can. That way people really need the gas for their car to take them to family or a shelter can have it. It makes no sense to me to continue to let people fill up multiple large gas cans, 55 gallon drums, and many other types of containers. Especially here in the Baton Rouge area most of the power is back on so there is really no need to fill up so many gas cans for generators anymore.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my part of northwest Florida, we get hit by frequent hurricane. The military often orders its personnel out. I generally stay behind although I need to rethink that.

My neighborhood has NO tolerance for looters, often displaying signs that say "You Loot, We Shoot."

I'm personally a very generous person. However, I feel very violated when someone takes something I worked my ass off to earn.

My heart goes out to New Orleans and all areas affected by the storm. May God watch over you all.

It's sad, but those who use this hurricane as an excuse to loot should be shot!

About Hurricane Katrina Blog


8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to all my friends down south and I have several. Sorry I cannot be there to help but I did the best any Canadian (or otherwise) can do, I made a donation of money to the US Red Cross. Everyone can do that in any amount you can within your budget. Canada has offered 3 ships full of food, water, medical needs and other needed goods but awaits the US clearance. I realize the US is a proud country but get over it as you are the ones who now need the world to help. It is ok to say yes to us and let us help. From a person who knows that the US will help others (we were hit with a category 5 tornado years ago) and the first people after our own were the Americans. We are with you for the long haul and think about you with every passing day. God bless America... it is a beautiful song, so remember we will not abandon you. With Love.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that there is that criminal element and newspapers and gov't are trying to paint a pretty picture. Were are the Black leaders when you need them. I know friends who has been threaten, rob of their cell phones,general disrepect and more in Lafayette. I know most of them will not go back to New Orleans having to find jobs,schools and houses to continue with life as our gov't will move slow and the issue comes up as to how much do you rebuilt; So is our gov't going to give Laf money to increase their roads? Built new schools so we can get out from the desegreation ruling now that the balance is upset? Give money since most of them couldn't paid these "school fees"? Help paid for the extra teachers? Paid for the extra officers that we need to keep crime down and extra jails? Paid for the loss of tourism since hotel are full and more that I just don't see yet.I do feel sorry for the hardships these people are going thru and I wish them well. It's not their fault,but please do the right thing and report the criminal elements. It's these misfits and thugs I'm concern about and lack of federal gov't support to help with this influx and our local gov't that will get fat ( face it we are talking politics) and not put the money to good use if we recv'd any. As it was before this happen we were closing fire stations and looking for extra money the LPD,sheriff,roads,schools and the poor. Now the problems just got compounded. Let see if our leaders will stand up and get the bull by the horns or just tax us more.Good luck to all..

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your tax dollars that you need to keep the police forces open, schools funded, etc. is going to keep building places that get flooded, earthquaked, destroyed, then rebuilt.

We need to take a stand and stop the insanity that allows continuous rebuilding efforts to take place in areas where it will just get hit again...and again...and again. Ignorance is not knowing something--you can learn and be taught. Stupidity is knowing something and still acting foolishly--like rebuilding places that get hit over and over by natural disasters! Stupidity is staying in these places when you know the big one is coming. Stupidity is teaching your children to stay in these places. Stupidity is *keeping* your children in these places! I am sorry for this disaster, for all the lives lost. But, it is time to use the tax dollars wisely and build the city someplace else! Put it on higher ground and leave the levee building alone. It didn't work this won't work next time. And, next time, why should anyone bail people out who continue to stay where the danger is? How many times have I seen interviews with people who say "Oh, I've been through this four times now and I'm just going to rebuild and start over. I'm not beat." No, you aren't beat. But, you are sly as a fox, taking advantage of the fact that you will get handed a big, fat check next time a storm comes through--taking money that could best be spent to educate the nation's children, provide health care to the nation's poor, provide decent jobs, housing, etc. I can see no other intelligent reason for anyone to stay in a place that is going to get hit and leveled year after year--except that they are getting some sort of payoff from it. If you are a victim over and over again, then you must like what you get in return. Harsh? Maybe. But, think about the reality of living like that. Think about what sort of payoff it takes to put your children through this sort of pain and suffering. They deserve better--they deserve a brighter future...not one that says they will be underwater again. Get on with life, rebuild, but rebuild intelligently! Enough is enough!

4:37 PM  
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